This year was one for the books, what a wild crazy ride! Between quarantine, masks, social distancing, toilet paper shortage and everything else we went through, we just kept shaking our heads wondering “What next”. Summer came to a close and we debated on traveling and gathering for Thanksgiving. Which was soon advised against. As winter came upon us, we began to get stir crazy and just wanted to feel some sence of normalcy with the approaching Christmas Holiday. Many of us wondered how do we find that? No traveling, no gatherings, no out of town visitors which for most of us meant, a non-traditional holiday celebration. Still taking us back to the question of , how do we find normalcy?

This year we decided to promote our winter wreath sessions a little bit more and it was a huge hit! Once scheduled, clients were able to pick their wreath decorations and add fun holiday props to their session in a matter of a few simple items! Sessions were able to be completed at safe distances from each other all while being “masked up”. Upon completion of the session clients picked their favorite images and they were edited. Here is where the holiday cheer began. We made these images into so many fun products, each order was something new! Prints, coasters, greeting cards, canvases, collages, metal prints, ceramic tiles and even a necklace! Web images were a huge hit for social media platforms. We were tagged in many holiday greetings via Facebook, Instagram and even received some emails!

We were able to spread our holiday cheer with family and friends near and far! Pictures of our horses in holiday decor, allowed us to enjoy the time spent with our animals creating the pictures, and gave us a finished product to hold in hand or share with someone else. Happiness and enjoyment was immediately felt upon receiving which sparked conversation, well wishes and holiday cheer with those near and far.

Enjoy some of our favorites from our Winter Wreath Sessions!